Free Dental Care in Edina MN

Kids Deserve a Healthy Smile

Fast Eddys Keys Express does a lot of Locksmith work in Edina MN. As such we try to keep abreast of events and services in Edina. We recently became aware of a special offer for Free Dental Care for Kids offered by Park Dental Edina.

This Friday February 2, 2018 they are offering a special event called Give Kids a Smile from 1-4PM

Park Dental Edina still has 16 available seats for patients up to age 18 years old to offer a variety of dental work for free! This includes cleanings, exams, xrays, fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals, pulpotomys, nitrous oxide and more!

If anyone is interested or in need of dental care or knows someone who is they may call Dave at 952-926-3534 or cell at 651-815-5341 and we can find an appointment for them. Read more here

We salute Park Dental Edina for this good will gesture and are proud to share the word.


Fast Eddys Keys Express is your Residential Edina Locksmith!

Edward Mann, the owner of Fast Eddys Keys Express is dedicated to helping Edina Minnesota residents with all their locksmith needs.

We are often called upon to change locks when people move into their homes and want the door locks rekeyed. We can rekey locks fast. That is one reason we are called Fast Eddy.

The process varies by lock manufacturer. For common inexpensive Schlage Locks it is relatively easy. In fact you could do it yourself if you have a special rekey kit.  (See the video below.) Other locks have similar but different procedures. We know them all.

So while you may be able to do it yourself, we think most people would prefer to have us do it.  The good news is that we do not charge an arm and a leg for our service. You will find us to be professional, courteous, fast and reasonable.

Check out our reviews on Google here. We are proud of our industry leading feedback on Google and are grateful to the 150+ customers who have taken the time to review us on Google.

So if you need your locks rekeyed or want to change the type of lock, we encourage you to give us a call. We will change locks, and offer lock repair services as well as lock rekey services.

We hope to be the locksmith that comes to mind when you need locksmith services Edina.

Call us at 612-822-3773

See our Edina Locksmith Google Site

Fast Eddys Keys Express To Be Featured in Google’s Home Services Program

Fast Eddys Keys Express is proud to announce that we have been accepted into Google’s New Home Services program.

Starting later this month the page you will see when you do a search for a locksmith in Hennepin County will look different.  And we are happy to report that our business will benefit as a result.

Google will soon be launching its Home Services program in Minneapolis after many months of testing in California and several other cities across the United States.

Unlike the traditional Google Adwords program and the Google 3 pack, participants in the Home Services program first had to be invited by Google to participate and then pass a rigorous accepatance process.

We are pleased to announce that Fast Eddys Keys Express has been invited and has passed their criteria and will be one of 5 Locksmiths accepted into the program in Hennepin County.  We see this as a vindication of sorts and a reward for our many years of providing the community with fast, fairly priced and competent locksmith services.

Certainly helping us in gaining acceptance into the program was our sterling reputation as expressed on many different review sites and in particular on Google itself.  Our 4.9 star rating from over 160 different reviewers did not hurt out application.

We take great pride in the tremednous support we have recieved from our customers. And accept the challenge this new recognition provides us.  The Home Services program requires us to sollicit somewhat more detailed reviews from our customers, on a dedicated review system set up specifically for the Home Services program.

The new review site is at

We encourage all of our recent customers to go ahead and post a review now, as they will help us with the new service.

When the new service launches later this month a Carosel will appear on the top of the search results listing a rotating number of approved providers. For locksmith related searches we will be one of the options.

For some time, we have been disappointed that many of the Google Ads that appeared on the top of the pages, were from scammers and lead generation sites that did not actually provide professional locksmith services. As professionals in the area, we know of many people who were taken advantage of by unscrupuous vendors who gave our indsutry a bad name.

So we are very happy to see this change, not only because it will allow us to serve more people by being more prominent on the search results, but by virtue of the fact that the scammers will hopefully be forced out of the market.

The key motivation for a locksmith is serving peoples personal security needs. This move by Google will help do that and we are very excitied about the change and our ability to participate in the new program.


Fast Eddy Keys Express Crew

Fast Eddys Keys Express Owner Edward Mann sets the pace for his taleted crew of locksmiths.

When you need a qualified locksmith in Minneapolis, Edina or other West Minneapolis suburbs, you will be doing yourself a favor by calling Fast Eddys Keys Express.

612-822- 3773

His staff each have over 10 years professional locksmith experienve in automotive, residential and commercial settings. The entire staff is insured and bonded and treats their customers with respect and courtesy.


Fast Eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff- Scott
Fast 3eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff - Elijah
Fast eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff - Robb
Fast Eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff - Gregg


Fast Eddys Keys Express Owner Eddy Mann on site in Edina MN


In todays busy world, little things like home security can be put off and ignored. This can be a serious error.

If you have just moved into a new home or apartment it is a wise move to have the locks and keys changed and a whole premises review to identify security issues that may exist.

Both home owners and commercial properties are often fitted with the cheapest locks available.

Something as simple as the length of the screws holding the lock plate in position will determine whether or not a buglar can kick the door open or not.

When you hire professional locksmiths like Fast Eddy and his crew, you will see the difference a longer screw and larger strike plate will make for your security and that of your family or business.

Simple things, and honest advice coupled with fair pricing and genuine courtesy are the reason why Fast Eddys Keys Express has the best review ratings by far on Google and other review sites.

Fast Eddys Keys Express Strives to be the Best Edina Locksmith

Best Edina Locksmith: A Goal and Community Fast Eddys Keys Express Strives to Serve

Fast Eddys Keys Express has been serving the Edina MN area for over 30 years. Though technically based in Minneapolis, Fast Eddy has been active in Edina since day one.

“We do a lot of work there,” says Edward Mann, Fast Eddys” owner.

We do both commercial and residential work throughout the area.  The area’s prosperity has one dark side, it attracts thieves looking for an easy buck.

It’s bad enough when thieves attempt to break into one of the areas many fine restaurants or merchants. It can be a whole lot worse, when the break in is in a family’s home, particularly when the burglars intrude on folks at home during the crime.

“Unfortunately, we have witnessed some sad situations over the years,” Eddy relates.

“Prevention is the keyword,” says Eddy, who often is called afterwards to replace inadequate locks. We can do a whole house or premises security review and prevent most intrusions, “too often we get called after the fact.”

Eddy notes that Edina MN has a long and storied history as community. He recently added to his web site a series of acticles celebrating the Edina shopping opportunities as well as its Schools and recreation opportunites including its wonderful Golf courses.

The area has many fine neighborhoods including its early Morningside neighborhood.



Commercial Locksmith: Strong, Reliable & Secure

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. – Benjamin Franklin

Minneapolis commercial Locksmith Needed to repair door and lock.Perhaps one of the most underrated elements of business security is the commercial locksmith who keeps your business secure.  They are the ounce of prevention that saves the pound of cure.  A good locksmith lowers your insurance risk, by preventing bad news from happening.

And thus the image of Strong, Reliable and Secure.

Generally, In the locksmith industry, locksmith companies provide a high level of quality service. Although as in every industry, it pays to know who you are dealing with and what their skills cover.

There are those who master automotive lock & key needs, and there are those who focus on residential home locksmith needs, and locksmiths who are experts in providing commercial locksmith services for your place of work.

When it comes to business – you want a locksmith who is a skilled and knowledgeable Commercial Locksmith.

A commercial locksmith is one who specializes in locks, access and security of commercial properties and businesses. Commercial locksmiths are usually required to pass stringent background checks, because they often work with, and help to protect highly valuable property.

Commercial locksmith service

A expert commercial locksmith will do more than show up to help you out of an crisis. The best commercial locksmith will become someone you will call on for every locking security need. They end up building a long-term relationship that stands the test of time.

In the life of a Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith’s day often includes installing high end locks, repairing existing locks, providing lockout services on offices and storerooms, staying educated on security technology with UL Listed door hardware.Commercial locksmith changes locks on door in Minneapolis Office

Their training doesn’t end the second they become a locksmith. They receive updates and training to stay knowledgeable on the latest advancements in door locking hardware.

They are able to install both indoor and outdoor rated locking systems and master the components of keyless locking system. The locks and keys of a security system on a  commercial building can change constantly as employees and contractors are being fired or hired.

A good commercial locksmith needs to know when to repair a lock or when to recommend a locks re-keying or replacement depending on the damage or depending on the company’s needs.

Often, a commercial locksmith is on call to handle any emergency situation such as allowing employee entry after losing a key or have otherwise become locked out. The commercial locksmith must be able to properly identify who has the authority for any changes or access to multiple business by understanding who the players are and having their personal cell phone numbers on speed dial. For instant accountability.

Commercial Locksmith installs new entry system
Installing New Keyless Entry System

Producing keys, changing lock combinations, and bypassing locks when authorized is part of their job. They have the ability to make duplicates of keys for any type of lock on or within the commercial property.

A commercial locksmith may also help with locked filing cabinets, safes.

They must have the know-how and skill to install, adjust and repair commercial locking systems and security products.

Commercial property owner’s checklist.

So when you decide on a commercial locksmith to secure all of your business assets, know what to ask them.

Be sure to ask as to the skills range of the commercial locksmith you are considering.

Are they able to complete tasks including everything from installing door locks to providing on call help with security systems?

Find a locksmith who is willing to consult with you for free and go over all of your company’s individual needs and estimates.

Commercial locksmith Edward Mann
Commercial locksmith Edward Mann

Ask if your company’s property is within their service area. In other words, is there an extra charge for travel if you find a professional who is a few miles away.

Ask the commercial locksmith to inspect the integrity of your building’s doors, hinges, panic hardware, frames, and security systems.

A few other questions you want keep in mind when considering the best commercial locksmith for your needs is whether or not they are fully insured and bondable.

Also, consider whether or not the commercial locksmith has the capacity to grow with your company and its future growth.

Take your time in finding the best commercial locksmith for your individual business needs. You will want to find a locksmith you can fully trust and who will be there when you need them.

Do not wait for a crisis to occur before you look for a trustworthy professional. Look for the best commercial locksmith for your business and commercial property needs, be preemptive and provide your true diligence.

In the Minneapolis Metro area, we invite you to check out Fast Eddys Keys Express. They have been providing commercial locksmith services in the Minneapolis area since 1985.

Fast Eddys Keys Express Business Card

101 Positive Reviews Can’t All Be Wrong

Fast Eddys Keys Express Gets Over 100 Positive Reviews On Google

This weekend, Fast Eddys Keys Express was gratified to receive our #100 and #101 Positive Review on Google.  Sporting an overall Star rating of 4.8, Fast Eddys is by far the most highly respected Locksmith serving the Minneapolis area.


Locksmith Minneapolis
Minneapolis Mn Locksmith Edward Mann

When a small business has a handful of reviews, you never know if you can trust them. After all, they could  well be from staff, family or friends.

When you get 20, 30 or 40 you start taking them seriously.

When you hit the century mark, and they are virtually all 5 star ratings you can be pretty darn confident you are dealing with a true professional.

This is all the more important when searching for a security professional such as a locksmith.  Know and trusting the locksmith who cuts the keys to your business and or family home is serious business.

When you are in trouble because you locked your keys in the car, you want to know the person you call is not a one of the unfortunately many scam artists who quote one price online or on the phone and then extort you once they are on the scene.

Fast Eddy has built his reputation over more than 30 years of diligent honest effort serving the Minneapolis area.  When you call, you can be assured of polite professional service conducted expertly and at a reasonable fee.

Here are a list of some of the most recent reviews to give a sample of what Fast Eddys Customers have to say about him.

in the last week
I would call this.Company anytime I need a.locksmith. Fast Eddy is like your honest and trustworthy Minnesota grandfather. They were on time and fast and gave me some safety advice too. Reasonably priced. No high prices. Highly recommend.

Kianna Elahi

2 weeks ago
This was overall a really positive experience (aside from being locked out of my apartment). The Fast Eddy’s guys were very friendly, extremely punctual, and got my door open in about a minute. They were flexible with my schedule and the cost was lower than I was expecting. Definitely 5/5 stars!

Scotty Arrell

in the last week
Called Fast Eddy’s this (Saturday) morning and spoke to the real Eddy who came to my condo within 4 hours and fixed the malfunctioning lock. I recommend them highly! With Fast Eddy, you get excellent service at a fair price and no hidden charges

michele aquino

a week ago
On time; fair price; knows his craft. He re-keyed all locks in my home and installed a matching keyless entry lock. He was able to make a recommendation based on MN weather (cold). Perfect service. I will hire him again as needed.

Brad Jacobson

in the last week
Super punctual, friendly & professional. Very reasonable costs. I’m happy to give Fast Eddy’s FIVE STARS. I’d give more if possible. Thank you!

Shelly Pates

2 months ago
I found Fast Eddys Keys on the internet, I read his reviews and called him. Eddy came out the next day and explained what key was best for my family. His team was very nice, clean and treated my home as if was their own. We had Eddy come …More

Joe Taylor

2 months ago
Great locksmith service! I called Fast Eddys today when I had a problem with my deadbolt on my entryway door. They arrived quickly and fixed something in 10 minutes that I had been working on for 3 hours. Very professional with reasonable pricing. I highly recommend using them.

Adeel Ahmad

a month ago
Had them come to install a couple of Schlage Sense electronic locks in an old home with thick doors. Not a problem for these guys. Super nice, respectful, informative, did the job fast and were actually fun to have around!
Highly recommend.
These were the top of the list on Goolge, we could go on – after all we now have over a hundred of them!

Fast Eddy Follows His Own Advice

Security Starts With You! So Fast Eddy Stepped Up and Made a Change.

Do as I say, not as I do…is an all to easy way of living life. But when in comes to personal safety, it can be dangerous.  That’s why Minneapolis Locksmith Fast Eddy made a change completely unrelated to his  locksmith business.

Recently, he changed the url of his website from an http:// to a https://

This move adds security to all data that may be transmitted over the site.

As he was quoted in a Minneapolis Star Tribune article, “I always tell people to upgrade the locks on their homes and businesses, before someone breaks in. Same goes for websites.” “I wanted to add an extra layer of security to my website, for my own and my customers peace of mind.”

Security is an important concept for Eddy. Taken aside, he will recount numerous times when he has been called to a home or business after a break in. “It can be heartbreaking.”

Locksmith Edward Mann

The change itself wasn’t that difficult, but did require a conversation with his hosting company and some other changes to make sure the new site retained the viewership his old url had accumulated over the years.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Fast Eddy needed to get some new business cards created with the new url: on them.
Fast Eddys Keys Express Business Card




And of course, making the move was worth bragging about. After all, Fast Eddy does follow what he preaches, at least as far as security is concerned. So he sent out a press release advertising the fact.

In addition to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, it was picked up by American Public Media, The Sun News, and Metro West as well as over 200 other press outlets.

My Name is Edward Mann and I would love to personally thank all the great customers I have serviced over the years. Without you I would have no purpose and life would not be as fulfilling.



Locksmith Advises Edina Mn Residents on Home Security in Face of Rash of Recent Home Invasions.

Edina Mn Break Ins Can Be Prevented

Dateline: Edina Minnesota  1-23-2017

Edina Police report a rash of home break ins.

Fast Eddy, and Edina Locksmith shares some advice on how to secure your home to prevent a home invasion of your home.

It should go without saying, that it is wiser to take the time to invest in an ounce of prevention. Yet, it appears that it does need to be said.

Hardening your homes security is an easy and effective strategy to prevent the heartache and terror of a burglary.

The devastating emotional toll of such a event can and should be avoided at all costs. The simple truth of the matter is that something as inexpensive as a longer screw can make all the difference in the world.

Locksmith Edina
Edina Locksmith Edward Mann


To see what we mean by that, check out the video by this Edina locksmith on Fast Eddy Keys Express’s website page about door locking hardware.


Changing the Combination to a Simplex 1000 Keyless Door Entry System

Keyless Entry Systems Are A Great Security Feature, and Making Occasional Changes to the Combination is Not That Difficult. So you don’t need a locksmith.

Kaba Simplex keyless entryThe advantage of a keyless system extends beyond not having to provide and track keys for staff or residents. One shared code and you are ready to go.


for some reason you need to change the combination due to a staffing change or resident move out.

The good news is that making the change is easy.  While you need special tools, the process is simple.

We at Fast Eddys Keys Express handle such keyless entry combination changes on a regular basis.


Keyless Locks | Commercial and Residential