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Find a Reliable Locksmith Before You Need One

We recently released this press release to the public. In the Minneapolis area, we of course stand ready to be your “go to” locksmith in time of need.
Press Release:

Fast Eddys Keys Express locksmith Edward Mann has warned people to find a reliable locksmith before they need one to prevent scammers taking advantage of panicked customers.

This press release was originally distributed by SBWire

Minneapolis, MN — (SBWIRE) — 11/17/2015 — People can understandably become distressed and panicked upon discovering they have locked themselves out of their home or car. When they do so, they often turn to their mobile and frantically search for a locksmith who can help them get their access back. Due to the time pressured nature of their enquiry, people can fail to do due diligence and end up stung by scammers, who advertise cheap callout fees but then charge exorbitant rates for keys and labor. Fast Eddys Keys Express is a Minneapolis Commercial Locksmith, and is warning individuals to research a locksmith as they would a doctor or a lawyer, so they have a reliable individual on call when needed.

The statement was issued following a spate of price gouging by a new breed of scammers who manipulate online search engines to be displayed as local providers, they then essentially hold people to ransom with extortionate fees for what is actually a relatively straight forward process for an experienced professional.

Fast Eddys Keys Express offers a Lockout Service throughout the whole of Minneapolis for a very reasonable price, and have this year celebrated their thirtieth year in the business, succeeding thanks to their honest, reliable and affordable work throughout the residential and business communities.

A spokesperson for Fast Eddys Keys Express explained, “It’s like having a doctor or lawyer you can call when you need one. Minneapolis, like many cities, suffers from fly by night and scammer locksmiths, who advertise a $14-19 service charge on Google and elsewhere but when on the site, extort huge fees from $200-$500 for simple services. As a professional commercial locksmith who also provides lockout services, Fast Eddy is ideally placed to be a trusted and dependable professional ready to help you in your hour of need.”

About Fast Eddys Keys Express
Fast Eddys Keys Express is a Minneapolis locksmith service offering call outs at affordable rates. Founded in 1985, the business offers lockout resolution for cars, homes and businesses. The company is fully licensed, insured and bonded. The company takes safety and security seriously and offers keys that cannot be duplicated without permission. For more information please visit:


Cheap Car Keys Can Be Expensive – Warning Alert

Warning Car Key’s Purchased Online Can Be Hazardous to Your Wallet!

With today’s modern but expensive car keys costing as much as they do, many people have been scouring the internet to find deals. Ultimately, many of these people end up costing themselves thousands of dollars instead of saving a few.

In the following video, long time Minneapolis Master Locksmith Edward Mann talks about how people are getting ripped off on the internet when they purchased Transponder keys, Smart Keys, Remotes, and car remotes.

This is a warning video. In a lot of cases these keys and remotes fry out your car’s computer. or won’t work at all.

Some of the keys sold online are used, old and refurbished from junk yards. Some junk yards owners and some fly by night locksmiths will collect old key fobs and remotes from these junk yards. Put new covers on them and call them refurbished or rebuilt. Without ever testing them. Without even putting a fresh battery in them.junkyardkeys

This is a warning video. In a lot of cases these keys and remotes fry out your car’s computer. or won’t work at all.

In other cases these items are made up on a 3D laser printer out of paper and you would never know it. In the end you never really save money!

We still charge prices that keep us locksmiths in business. For the very same price you’d end up paying with programming and buying your product off the internet. You could have purchased it from a honest locksmith for the same price but instead you would get a warranty. And a car that still runs.