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Fast Eddys Keys Express is your Residential Edina Locksmith!

Edward Mann, the owner of Fast Eddys Keys Express is dedicated to helping Edina Minnesota residents with all their locksmith needs.

We are often called upon to change locks when people move into their homes and want the door locks rekeyed. We can rekey locks fast. That is one reason we are called Fast Eddy.

The process varies by lock manufacturer. For common inexpensive Schlage Locks it is relatively easy. In fact you could do it yourself if you have a special rekey kit.  (See the video below.) Other locks have similar but different procedures. We know them all.

So while you may be able to do it yourself, we think most people would prefer to have us do it.  The good news is that we do not charge an arm and a leg for our service. You will find us to be professional, courteous, fast and reasonable.

Check out our reviews on Google here. We are proud of our industry leading feedback on Google and are grateful to the 150+ customers who have taken the time to review us on Google.

So if you need your locks rekeyed or want to change the type of lock, we encourage you to give us a call. We will change locks, and offer lock repair services as well as lock rekey services.

We hope to be the locksmith that comes to mind when you need locksmith services Edina.

Call us at 612-822-3773

See our Edina Locksmith Google Site

Fast Eddys Keys Express To Be Featured in Google’s Home Services Program

Fast Eddys Keys Express is proud to announce that we have been accepted into Google’s New Home Services program.

Starting later this month the page you will see when you do a search for a locksmith in Hennepin County will look different.  And we are happy to report that our business will benefit as a result.

Google will soon be launching its Home Services program in Minneapolis after many months of testing in California and several other cities across the United States.

Unlike the traditional Google Adwords program and the Google 3 pack, participants in the Home Services program first had to be invited by Google to participate and then pass a rigorous accepatance process.

We are pleased to announce that Fast Eddys Keys Express has been invited and has passed their criteria and will be one of 5 Locksmiths accepted into the program in Hennepin County.  We see this as a vindication of sorts and a reward for our many years of providing the community with fast, fairly priced and competent locksmith services.

Certainly helping us in gaining acceptance into the program was our sterling reputation as expressed on many different review sites and in particular on Google itself.  Our 4.9 star rating from over 160 different reviewers did not hurt out application.

We take great pride in the tremednous support we have recieved from our customers. And accept the challenge this new recognition provides us.  The Home Services program requires us to sollicit somewhat more detailed reviews from our customers, on a dedicated review system set up specifically for the Home Services program.

The new review site is at

We encourage all of our recent customers to go ahead and post a review now, as they will help us with the new service.

When the new service launches later this month a Carosel will appear on the top of the search results listing a rotating number of approved providers. For locksmith related searches we will be one of the options.

For some time, we have been disappointed that many of the Google Ads that appeared on the top of the pages, were from scammers and lead generation sites that did not actually provide professional locksmith services. As professionals in the area, we know of many people who were taken advantage of by unscrupuous vendors who gave our indsutry a bad name.

So we are very happy to see this change, not only because it will allow us to serve more people by being more prominent on the search results, but by virtue of the fact that the scammers will hopefully be forced out of the market.

The key motivation for a locksmith is serving peoples personal security needs. This move by Google will help do that and we are very excitied about the change and our ability to participate in the new program.