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Fast Eddy Keys Express Crew

Fast Eddys Keys Express Owner Edward Mann sets the pace for his taleted crew of locksmiths.

When you need a qualified locksmith in Minneapolis, Edina or other West Minneapolis suburbs, you will be doing yourself a favor by calling Fast Eddys Keys Express.

612-822- 3773

His staff each have over 10 years professional locksmith experienve in automotive, residential and commercial settings. The entire staff is insured and bonded and treats their customers with respect and courtesy.


Fast Eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff- Scott
Fast 3eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff - Elijah
Fast eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff - Robb
Fast Eddys Keys Express Locksmith Staff - Gregg


Fast Eddys Keys Express Owner Eddy Mann on site in Edina MN


In todays busy world, little things like home security can be put off and ignored. This can be a serious error.

If you have just moved into a new home or apartment it is a wise move to have the locks and keys changed and a whole premises review to identify security issues that may exist.

Both home owners and commercial properties are often fitted with the cheapest locks available.

Something as simple as the length of the screws holding the lock plate in position will determine whether or not a buglar can kick the door open or not.

When you hire professional locksmiths like Fast Eddy and his crew, you will see the difference a longer screw and larger strike plate will make for your security and that of your family or business.

Simple things, and honest advice coupled with fair pricing and genuine courtesy are the reason why Fast Eddys Keys Express has the best review ratings by far on Google and other review sites.

Locksmith Advises Edina Mn Residents on Home Security in Face of Rash of Recent Home Invasions.

Edina Mn Break Ins Can Be Prevented

Dateline: Edina Minnesota  1-23-2017

Edina Police report a rash of home break ins.

Fast Eddy, and Edina Locksmith shares some advice on how to secure your home to prevent a home invasion of your home.

It should go without saying, that it is wiser to take the time to invest in an ounce of prevention. Yet, it appears that it does need to be said.

Hardening your homes security is an easy and effective strategy to prevent the heartache and terror of a burglary.

The devastating emotional toll of such a event can and should be avoided at all costs. The simple truth of the matter is that something as inexpensive as a longer screw can make all the difference in the world.

Locksmith Edina
Edina Locksmith Edward Mann


To see what we mean by that, check out the video by this Edina locksmith on Fast Eddy Keys Express’s website page about door locking hardware.


A Question for Google

Why Does Google Accept Scammer Locksmith’s Money?

One of the difficulties facing the legitimate locksmith community are the fly by night and Scammer locksmiths that plague our community and others around the nation.


Fast Eddys Keys Express Locksmith

Fast Eddys Keys Express has been fighting these guys for years particularly in the car lock out arena.  They advertise low rates like $15 or $19 and then up the actual charges by hundreds of dollars on the scene.

We have worked with Google to get these guys off the Google 3 pack where they used to show up, particularly when Google showed 7 results.

And we are grateful for help there, although it meant that we had to jump through hoops to prove we were legitimate despite being in business for over 30 years.

Today, though these scammers are still advertising on Google Adwords. I guess that its okay from Google point of view as long as they pay.  It wold be nice if Google would develop a set of ethics that applied even when it cost them a few dollars.

Fast Eddy Keys Express Publishes New Playlist on YouTube

New Playlist of Locksmith Videos Created

Fast Eddy Keys Express has just created a new playlist on its Fast Eddys Keys Express YouTube Channel featuring some of our videos. We have multiple channels, so this particular playlist in currently only 6 videos long but does include some good locksmith tips.

You can see the playlist here:

Fast Eddy serves the Minneapolis area with professional locksmith services. While we may not be Hollywood quality in our videos, our locksmith skill are first rate.

If you have a need for auto, commercial or residential locksmith services in the area, be sure to call “Fast Eddy.”

We will resolve your issue fast and at a reasonable rate.