Fast Eddys Keys Express Strives to be the Best Edina Locksmith

Best Edina Locksmith: A Goal and Community Fast Eddys Keys Express Strives to Serve

Fast Eddys Keys Express has been serving the Edina MN area for over 30 years. Though technically based in Minneapolis, Fast Eddy has been active in Edina since day one.

“We do a lot of work there,” says Edward Mann, Fast Eddys” owner.

We do both commercial and residential work throughout the area. ┬áThe area’s prosperity has one dark side, it attracts thieves looking for an easy buck.

It’s bad enough when thieves attempt to break into one of the areas many fine restaurants or merchants. It can be a whole lot worse, when the break in is in a family’s home, particularly when the burglars intrude on folks at home during the crime.

“Unfortunately, we have witnessed some sad situations over the years,” Eddy relates.

“Prevention is the keyword,” says Eddy, who often is called afterwards to replace inadequate locks. We can do a whole house or premises security review and prevent most intrusions, “too often we get called after the fact.”

Eddy notes that Edina MN has a long and storied history as community. He recently added to his web site a series of acticles celebrating the Edina shopping opportunities as well as its Schools and recreation opportunites including its wonderful Golf courses.

The area has many fine neighborhoods including its early Morningside neighborhood.



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