Free Dental Care in Edina MN

Kids Deserve a Healthy Smile

Fast Eddys Keys Express does a lot of Locksmith work in Edina MN. As such we try to keep abreast of events and services in Edina. We recently became aware of a special offer for Free Dental Care for Kids offered by Park Dental Edina.

This Friday February 2, 2018 they are offering a special event called Give Kids a Smile from 1-4PM

Park Dental Edina still has 16 available seats for patients up to age 18 years old to offer a variety of dental work for free! This includes cleanings, exams, xrays, fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals, pulpotomys, nitrous oxide and more!

If anyone is interested or in need of dental care or knows someone who is they may call Dave at 952-926-3534 or cell at 651-815-5341 and we can find an appointment for them. Read more here

We salute Park Dental Edina for this good will gesture and are proud to share the word.


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