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Fast Eddy Follows His Own Advice

Security Starts With You! So Fast Eddy Stepped Up and Made a Change.

Do as I say, not as I do…is an all to easy way of living life. But when in comes to personal safety, it can be dangerous.  That’s why Minneapolis Locksmith Fast Eddy made a change completely unrelated to his  locksmith business.

Recently, he changed the url of his website from an http:// to a https://

This move adds security to all data that may be transmitted over the site.

As he was quoted in a Minneapolis Star Tribune article, “I always tell people to upgrade the locks on their homes and businesses, before someone breaks in. Same goes for websites.” “I wanted to add an extra layer of security to my website, for my own and my customers peace of mind.”

Security is an important concept for Eddy. Taken aside, he will recount numerous times when he has been called to a home or business after a break in. “It can be heartbreaking.”

Locksmith Edward Mann

The change itself wasn’t that difficult, but did require a conversation with his hosting company and some other changes to make sure the new site retained the viewership his old url had accumulated over the years.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Fast Eddy needed to get some new business cards created with the new url: https://ourlocksmith.com on them.
Fast Eddys Keys Express Business Card




And of course, making the move was worth bragging about. After all, Fast Eddy does follow what he preaches, at least as far as security is concerned. So he sent out a press release advertising the fact.

In addition to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, it was picked up by American Public Media, The Sun News, and Metro West as well as over 200 other press outlets.

My Name is Edward Mann and I would love to personally thank all the great customers I have serviced over the years. Without you I would have no purpose and life would not be as fulfilling.